Forgotten Debts? Make Sure You Do Not Owe

Not remembering anything recently? No non-bank loan? Forgot phone bill? Nothing? This does not mean that you have a clean shield – the biggest problems are caused by debts and arrears even several years old. It may take quite some time before the recovery process starts. The bigger, unpleasant surprise then.

Being sure that you do not owe anything anywhere can be useful – not just for peaceful sleep. This will give you much more confidence that if you are considering a loan in the future, you will be more confident that your non-bank loan will be approved.


Check the debtor registers

Check the debtor registers

The first step is to find out if you have an entry in the debt registers. You can be led in:

  • Solus register,
  • Banking Client Information Register,
  • Non-banking client information register.


You can request a listing for each register . The best known of these is probably Solus, in which the cheapest variant is an SMS statement. You will first receive an identification code for 98 CZK. You will then ask for an SMS statement, which will cost you CZK 99.

Tip: Do not order the statement from the Central Register of Debtors of CERD. It is an unofficial institution and its statement for CZK 300 has no weight.


Keep searching

debt problem

Continue to reach all the companies you might theoretically owe. For example:

  • telephone operator,
  • health insurance,
  • Czech Social Security Administration,
  • bank, insurance company, non-banking institutions,
  • police (parking penalties, etc.),
  • transport company (fines for black traffic),
  • local waste collection and dog fees
  • energy companies.



Usually you just call the client line or send an e-mail. You usually do not pay for this information.


Always report the change

Always report the change

Proactive debt verification will certainly pay off if you have moved in the last few years . You may have forgotten to report a new address and the institutions you owe could not reach you.

And your debt is still growing quietly. Therefore, always report a new address when moving, and be sure to update your phone number and email.


Escape from the postman solves nothing

Escape from the postman solves nothing

You can’t hide from debts. If you think you will mature on debts by not taking delivery, you are mistaken. The so-called fiction of delivery applies . If the registered letter is in the post office for 10 days and you do not pick it up, it is considered delivered anyway.

Therefore, always pick up your shipments, no matter where you are and what you can do about it. If you do not manage to repay various debts, you can combine them into one and you pay less each month 

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